Colorado Springs, CO Snowy Mess Leaves Cars Stranded on Steep Roads – 12/28/2020

A tricky to forecast winter storm creates chaos on steep roads leaving drivers stranded in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Dec. 28, 2020.
Shot Description

00:00 – Pickup truck spins tires while passing vehicles stranded on Union Blvd.

00:23 – Plows weave between stranded vehicles while clearing snow up Union Blvd.

00:46 – Driving uphill through a chaotic mess of stranded vehicles on Union Blvd.

01:16 – Vehicle with spinning tires as driver tries to back it down hill.

01:34 – Closeup of Dominoes delivery pickup truck struggling hard to get up Woodman Rd.

01:44 – Wide shot of Dominoes delivery truck with greater view of harsh weather.

01:54 – Tracking shot of snowplow clearing Woodman Rd.

02:15 – Wide shot of the wind driven snow and Woodman Rd.

02:23 – Mid shot of the wind driven snow and Woodman Rd.

02:37 – Closeup of wind driven snow illuminated by a street light.

02:48 – Closeup of blowing snow on road surface as cars pass by.

03:02 – Traffic headed east on Woodman Rd.

SID: Trevor Cokley

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