Rare Upstate New York Tornado near Amenia, NY – 8/2/2020

A rare summer severe weather set up in the northeast brings supercell thunderstorms to New York State. One of them spawns a tornado near the town of Amenia, NY in northern Dutchess County. In parts of the video you can see large parts of tree’s ripped out of the ground and thrown into the air. Footage also has aftermath of the damage from the tornado.
Shot Description

Shots 1-2: A wall cloud develops over the hills near Amenia, NY
Shots 3-5: A tornado touches down near Amenia, NY in Dutchess County.
Shots 6-7: Storm damage near Amenia, NY
Shot 8: Timelapse sequence of mist being picked up by a supercell thunderstorms powerful updraft in northern Dutchess County.
Shot 9: Wall cloud near Amenia, NY
Shots 10-11: Storm damage to a windmill near Amenia, NY / Tree damage

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