Insane Lightning over Clarendon, Texas – 5/23/2020

Incredible ‘anvil crawler’ lightning, funnel cloud, rotating wall cloud, heavy rain and hail, and localized flooding from tornado-warned supercell over Clarendon, TX.

All footage shot in/near town of Clarendon, TX on May 23, 2020 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-14. various shots of insane ‘anvil crawler’ lightning over Texas Panhandle near Clarendon, TX (including slow motion)

15 & 16. shots of funnel cloud over Clarendon, TX

17 & 18. rotating wall cloud with lightning bolts over Clarendon, TX

19.and 20. Time Lapses of rotating wall cloud over Clarendon, TX

21-23. various shots of rotating wall cloud from tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm over Clarendon, TX

24-27. various shots of heavy rain and hail falling, and localized street flooding in Clarendon, TX

28. sunset with mammatus clouds over Clarendon, TX

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