Only 2% Will Pass And Survive in an Extreme Situation

How good are your survival skills? Imagine getting lost in the wilderness. Being stuck in a falling elevator. Trying to get out of a fire. Would you figure out how to save your life? Here’s a quick test to check your survival skills! Hopefully, you will never have to practice these survival skills, but if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you will know what to do.

And remember to keep track of how many questions you get right! If you have 0 to 5 correct answers, you should probably upgrade your survival skills! If you know the answers to 6 to 10 questions, chances are you’ll get out of most extreme situations intact. And if you manage to get 11 to 14 questions correct, you’re a true survival expert! But keep practicing, there’s no limit to perfection!

Collapsed building 0:28
Tornado 1:05
Earthquake 1:44
Falling through the ice 2:18
Aggressive-looking dogs 2:55
Angry bees 3:36
Shark encounter 4:21
Falling elevator 5:03
Flood 5:37
Plane wreck 6:15
Snake encounter 6:56
Indoor fire 7:40
Enraged bull 8:19
Bear encounter 8:54

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