Sleet and Heavy Snow from late season storm, Rice Lake, WI – 4/3/2020

After a high of 61 degrees on Thursday. Mother Nature decided to play a late April fools day joke on northwestern WI today. We saw freezing rain, sleet. That changed over to heavy wet snow. Our total snowfall in Rice Lake WI. came in at three inches when it was all over with. This video package will cover the sleet/freezing rain, along with the heavy snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1-2. Sleet bouncing of the ground.
Clip 3. Sleet hitting and bouncing off a mailbox.
Clip 4. Frozen branches and leaf buds.
Clip 5. Looking across the open water of the Red Cedar river as the heavy snow is falling.
Clip 6. Looking at some houses across the river with heavy snow falling.
Clip 7. A close up shot of a house across the Red Cedar river with heavy snow falling.
Clip 8. Ground is getting snow covered at a rather fast rate. Heavy snow still falling.
Clip 9. Vehicles getting covered in snow as heavy snow is falling.
Clip 10. Heavy snow sticking to the road.
Clip 11. Pine trees with heavy snow coming down.
Clip 12. Different view of the same pine trees panned over slightly to the right to show snow covered roof. Snow still coming down a rather good clip.
Clip 13. Freezing rain/sleet falling with a duck that appears to be enjoying it, as he floats down the river.
Clip 14. Freezing rain and sleet falling with trees in the background.
Clip 15. Ice melting off a vehicle.
Clip 16. Sleet covered ground. Sleet still falling, and bouncing off the ground.

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