Gainesville, TX Tornado Warned Supercell Thunderstorms – 1/10/2020

Footage of several tornado-warned supercell thunderstorms with large rotating wall clouds near and over the cities of Gainesville and Commerce, TX during a widespread severe weather event.

All footage shot in/near Gainesville and Commerce, TX on January 10, 2020 during afternoon daylight and evening darkness by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1-6. various shots of large rotating wall clouds from a tornado-warned storm over Gainesville, TX

7 & 8. shots of semi-truck stuck and police vehicle in Gainesville, TX as tornado-warned storm bears down on the city.

9-11. various shots of traffic in heavy rain and hail from a tornado-warned supercell thunderstorm over Gainesville, TX

12-16. various shots of a large rapidly rotating wall cloud with funnel after dark near Commerce, TX

17-20. various shots of heavy downpour from severe storms near Commerce, TX.

21 & 22. various lightning flash shots from a tornado-warned storm near Commerce, TX

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