Hurricane Erick impacts Punalu’u, HI “Big Island” – 8/1/2019

Footage of Hurricane (at the time) now Tropical Storm Erick impacts on Punalu Ľu Beach, HI. Punalu Ľu Beach which is on the far southeast part of the Big Island is known for it’s black sands and rocky coast. The area will see the greatest impacts along the coast from Erick. At the time of this video the winds were gusting to 40mph.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Sign warning of road closed and beach warnings on the beach.

Clip 2 Park Closed warning sign.

Clip 3 Lifeguard pickup truck blocking a road.

Clip 4 Large waves crashing on shore.

Clip 5 Wide shot of the coasts and waves crashing.

Clip 6 Trees blowing in the wind and pans down to beach life guard shack.

Clip 7 Wide shot of the waves on the beach then pans right to the coast and then again to the other side of the beach.

Clip 8 Kid out on a boogie board near the coast

Clip 9 Wide shot of the coast

Clip 10 Wide shot of the waves crashing on the coast

Clip 11 Palm Trees blowing and swaying in the wind.

Clip 12 Wide shot of the black sand beach with waves.

Clip 13 Tight shot looking down at the black sand beach and waves and then pans right to look down the beach.

Clip 14 Waves crashing on a rocky shoreline shot on the shoreline.

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