Sawyer, KS Funnel Clouds and Hail Storm – 5/18/2019

Severe storms again took aim on Kansas a day after multiple tornadoes ravaged the area. Storms dropped hail and torrential rains across south-central Kansas as a line of storms slowly progressed east throughout the afternoon into the evening.

Video package shot in southern Pratt County in and near the town of Sawyer, located south of Pratt, Kansas; southwest of Wichita.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Establishing shot as storm approaches Sawyer with wall of rain and hail approaching town.

Scene 2-3: Structure shots as storm approaches Sawyer.

Scene 4-5: Rotating wall cloud near Sawyer.

Scene 6-7: Stubby funnel cloud.

Scene 8: Storm approaching KS-42 east of Sawyer.

Scene 9: POV driving shot as rain and hail start falling.

Scene 10: Hail falling on a dirt road.

Scene 11: Shot through windshield of hailstones bouncing off hood and road.

Scene 12: Black pickup truck pulled over as rain and hail fall.

Scene 13: Truck drives through rain and hail.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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