Flushing NYC PM Winter Storm Travel Nightmare – 3/3/2019

A major winter storm dumps heavy wet snow on the Queens, NYC area creating late evening dangerous traveling conditions.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Traffic on the Long Island Expressway as heavy snow falls
Shot 2: Late evening commuters board and exit a city bus on Main Street in Flushing, NY.
Shots 3-4: Pedestrians out and about as heavy snow falls on Main Street in Flushing, NY.
Shot 5: Snow plows are at the ready as heavy snow begins to accumulate on area roads.
Shots 6-8: Car dash POV shots of heavy snow creating treacherous driving conditions on the Long Island Expressway.
Shot 9: Pedestrians out on Main Street in Flushing, NY in heavy snow.
Shot 10: A NYC Sanitation snow plow drives along the Long Island Expressway service road.
Shot 11: Pedestrians out and about in heavy snow.
Shot 12: Heavy wet snow covering a residential street in Flushing, Queens.

SID: Scott McPartland

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