Category 5 Hurricane Michael Far Western Mexico Beach, FL Eye Wall – 10/10/2018

Hurricane Michael, Mexico Beach, FL 10/10/2018, Extreme Hurricane Eye Wall With Peak Winds And Storm Surge Footage Catalog

Master full length archive footage catalog from the most intense part of Hurricane Michael making landfall in Mexico Beach, FL on the far west side of the city at 41st street and highway 98.

Footage shows the start of the hurricane force winds making landfall and the most extreme part of the eye wall winds and storm surge destroying the town.

Video of vehicles, structures and all types of debris floating past the

Footage is mixed between 4KUHD and 1080i cameras that documented the storm worst of Hurricane Michael.

Catalog ID: 10102018_Hurricane_Michael_Mexico_Beach_Master_TB1

All footage © 10/10/2018 Tony Brite – All footage in this video was shot exclusively by Tony Brite and is being represented by LLC for licensing.

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SID:Tony Brite

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