Poughkeepsie, NY down burst – 8/3/2018

A powerful bow echo (downburst) slammed central Dutchess County as part of a line of intense thunderstorms. This brought powerful winds and torrential rains to the area, knocking down trees and power lines.
Shot Description

SHOT 1, 2, 3: Various views of intense wind-driven rain sweeping past a parking lot with trees, viewed from an office building in Poughkeepsie.
SHOT 4: A sign in a window saying “Closed due to power outage”
SHOT 5: Loss of power to a traffic signal causes heavy traffic at a busy intersection.
SHOT 6, 7: Tight and wide shots of a volunteer directing traffic at a busy intersection.
SHOT 8: Cleanup crews trying to remove a large tree that has fallen across a road.
SHOT 9: Panning shot of tree damage, as cars drive by.
SHOT 10: Dash camera view while driving under downed power lines.

SID: David Lewison


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