Tucson, AZ Micro-burst and Lightning Time-lapse – 7/30/2018

Stunning timelapses of yesterdays thunderstorms (some severe) in Southeast Arizona. Time-lapses include a photogenic microburst (including a rainbow), and lightning over the city of Tucson and surrounding desert.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide shot timelapse showing the formation of a photogenic microburst located just SE of Tucson, Arizona. A rainbow can also be seen forming as a strong downburst occurs producing a well- defined rain foot and strong outflow winds.
Shot 2: A Medium shot timelapse that continues the time-lapse sequence of the same microburst. The first shot of the time lapse was at 6:03pm local time. Last shot was captured at 6:46pm, making the event quite long for Arizona monsoon standards. Microburst caught just west of Benson, Arizona along I-10. This storm, as well as others in the area, impacted the highway with strong winds and even dust that closed I-10 down in New Mexico.
Shot 3: Timelapse of another microburst and lightning captured just after sunset near downtown Tucson, Arizona
Shot 4: Timelapse of a thunderstorm cloud structure, cactus, and lightning.
Shot 5: Timelapse of more lightning over downtown Tucson.
Shot 6: Wide shot of a lightning strike in front of the photogenic microburst.
Shot 8 Medium shot of another lightning strike in front of the same photogenic microburst.

SID: Bryan Snider

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