Sleet Storm Hits Southern IL Overnight – 1/12/2018

Intense sleet storm hammered parts of southern Illinois in the dark hours of Friday morning. Up to 3/4 inch of sleet fell, covering roads and causing a few people to spin-out on the interstates. Salt trucks were busy all night treating the roads with salt as they attempted to plow clear the accumulating sleet. The storm continued into the daylight hours as more sleet, wind, and even snow fell.

Icing also caused the Brookport Bridge to close overnight. Freezing rain on the grated bridge lead it to be a solid sheet of ice and authorities closed it to traffic. Shots 15-16 listed below show closure barricade. Those two shots were in Brookport, IL in Massac County.

Video package shot in Massac County, Illinois along I-24 around the town of Metropolis, which is along the Ohio River on the other side of the border from Paducah, Kentucky.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-4: Shots of a spin-out on I-24, a vehicle wrecked into the median and a police officer was on scene. The car was eventually pulled out, no major damage.

Scenes 5-8: Shots of a semi-truck that was stuck in the sleet on the shoulder of I-24 near exit 27. Two tow trucks were called out to help get the semi-truck free. Part of the right westbound lane was blocked for a short time while crews freed the semi.

Scenes 9-10: Shots of oncoming snow plow plowing SLEET, not snow from the road.

Scene 11: Snow plow driving away as it plows sleet off the road.

Scene 12: Oncoming plow truck in opposite lanes with another vehicle with it.

Scene 13: Panning shot of plow as it passes by dropping salt and clearing sleet.

Scene 14: Plow truck crossing road, clearing sleet.

Scene 15-16: Panning shot of the Brookport Bridge that bridges Brookport, Illinois to Paducah, Kentucky via Route 45, closed due to ice on the bridge. First shot panning shot from bridge to barricade, second shot static shot of barricade.

Scene 17-18: POV driving shots along I-24 in very heavy falling sleet, severely limiting visibility.

Scene 19-22: Woman scraping ice from her car.

Scene 23: Man walking quickly through wind-blowing sleet.

Scene 24: Woman scurrying quickly to gas station store in sleet and wind.

Scene 25: Wide shot of very heavy sleet falling on I-24 with passing car and NAT sound of sleet falling in nearby trees.

Scene 26-27: Shots of traffic driving through very heavy sleet on I-24.

Scene 28-29: Shots of sleet falling in a street light.

Scene 30: Shot of sleet falling in street light against trees in the background.

Scene 31: Shot of American Flag blowing in the wind and sleet.

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