Severe Storms Hit Southern IL – 10/10/2017

A strong cold front that was responsible for the first snows in Denver on Monday blasted across the Midwest bringing severe weather and desperately needed rain to southern Illinois. Several rain gauges in the region recorded as much as five inches of rain since midnight on Tuesday. Several severe storms hit the area, with some minor wind damage reported in the extreme southern Illinois. Storms moved out by late evening leaving behind seasonable temperatures. Shot Description Scene 1: Vivid lightning strike as truck passes in foreground. Scene 2: Panning shot of leading edge of storm as it approaches Du Quoin. Scene 3: Static shot of storm clouds. Scene 4: Distant wall cloud. Scene 5: Storm closing in near Du Quoin. Scene 6: Ragged clouds over street signs. Scene 7: Tight shot of cloud motion. Scene 8: Torrential downpour over parking lot. Scene 9-11: Shots of traffic driving in torrential downpour. Scene 12-13: Shot through windshield during downpour of cars driving through street flooding. Scene 14-23: Various shots of traffic driving through street flooding. Scene 24: White van turning onto road through standing water. Scene 25: Panning shot of colors on the backside of storms.