Biloxi, MS Hurricane Nate – Storm Surge – 10/7/2017

Storm Surge form Hurricane Nate in Biloxi, MS as the storm moves on shore. Additional clips from Ocean Springs, MS during the daylight hours as the storm moved in. Raw footage. Shot Description Clip 1 Sign at the Hard Rock Cafe saying they are closed due to the hurricane. Clip 2 – 8 Storm surge and waves crashing over the sea wall in Biloxi, MS. Clip 9 – 10 A Large Blue Heron walking in the storm surge. Clip 11 – 13 Street Flooding in Oceans Springs, MS as the storm surge moved inland. Clip 14 Birds riding out the rough surf. – Oceans Springs, MS Clip 15 Stray cats waiting out the storm.- Oceans Springs, MS Clip 16 A large boat a drift off shore. – Oceans Springs, MS Clip 17 Storm surge over a road. – Oceans Springs, MS Clip 18 High winds at night over a bridge in Biloxi, MS. Clip 19 – 20 Someone trying to windsurf in the storm in Biloxi, MS Clip 21 Boat still drifting off the coast in Biloxi, MS