Caguas, PR, Hurricane Maria – 9/20/2017

Hurricane Maria in SE Puerto Rico footage
Shot Description

1). Shots of large waves near El Negro / Palmas Del Mar (SE tip of Puerto Rico) from high cliff.

2). Waves near Palmas Del Mar.

3). People watching waves.

4). Arrival of eyewall before dawn in parking garage in Caguas.

5). Debris starts blowing.

6). Tower destroyed in distance.

7). Roofs being torn apart.

8). Whiteout conditions.

9). Another view of shreeded roofs.

10). View of storm outside mall.

11). Whiteout and trees shredded.

12). Water in parking garage and debris / damage.

13). Highway 1 flooded with river water.

14). Trees blocking roadways.

15). Damaged shops along Highway 1.

16). Severe flooding and damage.

17). Gas station damaged and flash flood in roadway.

18). Hillside / mountain with trees shredded.