Tropical Storm Jose Major Storm Surge Broad Channel, NY 9/19/2017

Significant storm surge inundates the town of Broad Channel near the Rockaways as Hurricane Jose closes in on the Northeast.

Shot Description

Shots 1-2: A vehicle becomes submerged in storm surge in Broad Channel, NY as a result of Hurricane Jose
Shot 3: Storm surge inundates a street in Broad Channel, NY
Shot 4: Debris is carried by storm surge through the streets of Broad Channel
Shots 5-6: A home is surrounded by storm surge from Hurricane Jose in Broad Channel.
Shot 7: Panning shot of storm surge inundating streets around Broad Channel.
Shots 8-9: Ground level shots of storm surge overtaking the camera on the streets of Broad Channel.
Shot 10: Water levels rise and come very close to the basement window of a home
Shot 11: A garbage can begins to float as storm surge inundates Broad Channel, NY.
Shot 12: Wide shot of a street inundated by storm surge.
Shots 13-14: Panning shots of storm surge inundating streets in Broad Channel.
Shot 15: Storm surge creeping up the driveway of a residential home.
Shots 16-17: Storm surge overtaking the steps of residential homes and streets.