Extreme Hurricane Harvey Video from Aransas County, TX – 8/25/2017

INSANE video of buildings ripping apart, lightning flashes inside intense eyewall, image of stars and lightning-illuminated "stadium seating effect" eyewall from inside eye, powerlines sparking, high winds, storm surge flooding, damage from Rockport and Fulton, Texas. Category 4 Hurricane Harvey All footage shot during daylight and night darkness in/near Rockport and Fulton TX on August 25, 2017 by Meteorologists Simon Brewer and Juston Drake Shot Description 1 & 2. lightning flashes inside intense eyewall of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport TX 3-10. shots of buildings and debris getting ripped apart by intense Category 4 winds from Hurricane Harvey in Rockport TX 11. Stars and lightning illuminated "stadium seating effect" eyewall Photograph from middle of eye of CAT 4 Hurricane Harvey 12-22. damage and storm surge flooding in Rockport and Fulton TX inside calm eye of Cat 4 Hurricane Harvey 23. shot of high winds as Hurricane Harvey moves over Rockport TX 24. shot of blown-out back window from meteorologist/chaser Simon Brewer as debris and high winds hammer Rockport TX 25-29. shots of powerful electrical explosions and fire from powerlines snapping in Rockport TX