Phoenix, AZ Land-Spout Tornado and Storm Time-Lapse 8/3/2017

Footage of a rare Land-Spout Tornado over Phoenix, AZ today that has already been confirmed by the National Weather Service.

Footage shows a rain shaft and faint tornado over the city of Phoenix, AZ.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Wide and tight footage of the Land-Spout tornado in between the rain shafts over the city of Phoenix, AZ.

Clip 2 Rain in the distance.

Clip 3 Tight shot of the Land-Spout tornado touching down in Phoenix, AZ with the rain behind the tornado.

Clip 4 Wide shot of the storm.

Clip 5 Amazing time-lapse of the storm over Phoenix, AZ.

Clip 6 B-Roll of the storm.

Clip 7 – 8 Rainbow after the storm.

Clip 9 B-Roll of the storm.