Microburst Does Damage in La Grange, NY – 7/31/2017

A seemingly mild summer afternoon thunderstorm turned into an intense situation as it unleashed a microburst across Dutchess County NY. Torrential rains and winds exceeding 50mph created hurricane-like white-out conditions, while snapping trees and taking down power lines.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Hurricane-like winds create whiteout conditions, bending trees and streaming off a shed in a park setting.
SHOT 2: Winds and intense rain blow past a shed as trees whip in the background.
SHOT 3: Close-up of a trampoline that blew over in the wind.
SHOT 4: Panning shot of some downed power lines.
SHOT 5: Tight shot of police officers closing down a road due to debris.
SHOT 6: A police car with flashing lights blocks a road due to debris & power lines.
SHOT 7: A tree with a large branch laying across a yard.
SHOT 8: A tree with a large branch laying across the street.