Superior, MT Wildfire Fighting – 7/30/2017

The Sunrise Fire gained ground towards the Interstate 90 corridor Sunday in western Montana near Missoula.

Strong northwest winds pushed the fire over containment lines in the southeast quadrant causing additional Stage 3 evacuation orders to be issued for residences in the area. Over 60 structures are threated and are in close proximity to the wildfire, as are motorists traveling along the interstate.

Fire officials expect a battle over the coming week as new bulldozer lines and structure protection measures are put to the test with the fire's continued movement to the east-southeast.
Shot Description

shot 1 Helo headed to fire with water
shot 2 tight helo
shot 3 tight of fire on mountainshot 4
shot 4 wide smoke backlite
shot 5 sun orange
shot 6 jet in smoke
shot 7 tanker watching for hot ash
shot 8 tight of fireman
shot 9 tight of face
shot 10 helo in smoke
shot 11 smoke and dry frass
shot 12 wide shot helo base with smoke
shot 13 still flag
shot 14 sign forest service
shot 15 fire map
shot 16 fire tent city
shot 17 mess hall tent
shot 18 inside chow hall
shot 19 fuel truck
shot 20 tents
shot 21 food trucks
shot 22 water stacks
shot 23 inside water cooler
shot 24 fire boss
shot 25 low tents
shot 26 underside helo
shot 27 pre flight helo
shot 28 bambie bucket
shot 29 distance helo
shot 30 backlite smoke with sun
shot 31 SOT/ Joel Hankinson, Local resident
shot 32 SOT/ Andy Haner, National Weather Service, IMET (Incident Meteorologist)
shot 33 SOT/ Phil Sneed, Sunrise Fire Public Information Officer