Rice Lake, WI Cool Foggy Conditions – 7/24/2017

A very welcome break from the very warm and humid conditions this morning. Temps were in the upper 40s across much of Northwestern WI. With the cooler temps, came areas of dense fog.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Bank temp of 49 lovely degrees.
Clip 2. Traffic on main street of Rice Lake with foggy conditions.
Clip 3. A boat fading away into the fog as fisherman head out onto the lake.
Clip 4. A walking bridge with fog.
Clip 5. A dock with fog.
Clip 6. Tress in the fog.
Clip 7. Zoomed in shot of trees in the fog.
Clip 8. Looking up at fog with tress in the shot.
Clip 9. Looking towards the sun as it tries to peak through the fog.