Flash Flooding in South Florida – 7/17/2017

Training severe thunderstorms cause dangerous flash flooding, and treacherous travel conditions on area highways and local streets around Broward and Dade County, FL.
Shot Description

Scenes 1 & 2: Torrential rains cause flash flooding in Hialeah, FL. Rain water cascades over the side of the road as vehicles navigate flooding roads.
Scenes 3 – 7: Vehicles navigate flooded roads on NW 138th Street in Hialeah, FL.
Scene 8: A lady with an umbrella crosses the street in Pembroke Pines, FL as heavy rains fall.
Scenes 9 – 12: Sewer drains become overwhelmed, as torrential rains from training thunderstorms continues to fall in Pembroke Pines, FL. Vehicles navigating flash flooding on local streets.
Scene 13: Time Lapse sequence of thunderstorms forming over the Fort Lauderdale skyline.
Scene 14: Police vehicles respond to the scene of an accident due to hydroplaning on Highway 823 in Pembroke Pines, FL.
Scene 15: Car dash POV of a dump truck navigating torrential rains on I-75 in Broward County, FL.
Scene 16: Vehicles navigating flash flooded roads in Pembroke Pines, FL.
Scene 17: Major flooding just off the I-75 in Broward County, FL.
Scene 18: Car dash POV of torrential rains falling on the I-75 in Dade County, FL.