Amazing Video oF Haboob hitting Phoenix, AZ – 7/15/2017

B-Roll and Time Lapse Package of an Arizona haboob and it's impact on the interstates and Phoenix Sky Harbor.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide shot of dust getting kicked up from a strong out flow boundary.
Shot 2: Gustnado and lots of dust moving closer to interstate 10.
Shot 3: Time Lapse of the wide shot showing the dust moving into the Arizona town of Casa Grande near I-10 and I-8.
Shot 4: Dust moving very fast and reducing visibilty on the desert right next to Interestate 10
Shot 5: Wide shot of more dust moving across the desert.
Shot 6: Tight shot of very thick dust moving over a desert plant.
Shot 7: Dust now organized into a Haboob moving over the mountains of Central Arizona
Shot 8: Medium shot of haboob even larger moving over mountains and the Saguaros of central Arizona.
Shot 9: Wide shot of haboob moving closer to I-8. This dust storm reduced visibility and made a significant impact on I-8.
Shot 10: Pano of haboob moving into Gila Bend, AZ
Shot 11: Wide shot of isolated thunderstorm on the west side of Phoenix Sky Harbor. This storm shut down the airport (Phoeinx Sky Harbor) briefly causing some delays at the airport.
Shot 12: Wide shot of airplanes lined up waiting for the airport to open back up.
Shot 13: Medium Shot. The airport reopens and planes begin to depart and arrive again at Phoenix Sky Habor.
Shot 14: Tight Shot: Plane taking off
Shot 15: Another plane takes off as dust storm begins to approach Phoenix from the south.
Shot 16: Time lapse of planes taking off as dust approaches.
Shot 17: Cool shot of airplanes taking off and climbing out fast over the dust.
Shot 18: Wide shot of dust moving from the south to the north towards downtown Phoenix and it's Skyline. Planes continue to depart
Shot 19: Medium shot of dust moving into the Phoenix skyline area before falling apart later.