Dover, PA Area Severe Thunderstorm And Flooded Roads – 7/14/2017

Today's weather produced plenty of powerful thunderstorms throughout the areas of northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania. This footage shows powerful building storms from the York County, PA as early as 1:20 pm. Storms continue on and off until dusk on Friday evening.
Shot Description

Dover, PA area Footage :

Scenes 1-4 : Multiple scenes of vehicles driving through water covering roadway
Scene 5 : Vehicle backing up away from water running over roadway instead of driving through it
Scene 6 : Semi tractor trailer driving at normal speeds through water covering roadway
Scene 7 : Rain water beginning to flood field
Scene 8 : 3 separate lightning flashes in clouds in distance
Scene 9 : boy and girl out in heavy rains waiting to cross street
Scene 10 : Heavy rains pouring out over spouting onto pavement
Scenes 11 – 13 : Multiple scenes of Jeep / 4×4 Enthusiasts at event attempting to keep dry from very heavy rains. Some participants go out and enjoy heavy rains.
Scenes 14 – 15 : Bike outside in heavy rains, vehicle approaching intersection.
Scenes 16 – 17 : POV shots driving in very heavy rains.
Scene 18 : Vehicles waiting for traffic light while heavy rains falling. Vehicles forcing rain water from pavement with little effort.

York, PA area footage :

Scenes 19 – 20 : Views from York, PA of towering & building thunderstorms out over York county / Lancaster count borders.

Scene 21 : 15 second high speed time-lapse of fast moving low level clouds with occasional views of building thunderstorms in the distance east of York County, PA. View is from Leaders Heights Road facing towards Lancaster, PA