Heavy Rains Damper 4th Eve in Benton, IL – 7/3/2017

Strong storms popped up across the region on Monday bring very heavy rains in short periods of time, putting a damper on the Eve of the 4th. Fortunately most of the rains cleared out early enough to allow the Monday night fireworks shows in the area to continue. But the rains did hamper the rush hour travel leading to some ponding of water on area streets.

Reports and doppler radar showed upwards of an inch of rain fell in less than 30 minutes.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Traffic driving by a US Flag through street flooding.

Scene 2: Shot of oncoming traffic driving through street flooding passing several US flags hanging on telephone poles.

Scene 3: White car and blue truck drive through street ponding.

Scene 4: Traffic driving through street ponding and heavy rains, passing several US Flags on telephone poles.

Scene 5: Tight shot of traffic driving through heavy falling rain and street ponding.

Scene 6: Cars driving through street ponding.

Scene 7: Wide shot looking down the main street in Benton with numerous US flag on poles in heavy rain.

Scene 8: Dog in some standing water in a Benton neighborhood as heavy rains fall.

Scene 9: SUV driving away from the camera in street flooding in a Benton neighborhood.

Scene 10: White car driving through street flooding passing a car with emergency flashers in the road.

Scene 11-12: Two shots driving with camera pointing out the window at the giant rooster tails of water splashing.

Scene 13: Shot of heavy rain falling against a tree.

Scene 14: Shot of traffic in street ponding.

Scene 15: Shot of traffic in street ponding.

Scene 16: Flooded street in Benton neighborhood.