Newville, PA Severe Storms & High Winds – 7/1/2017

A line of severe thunderstorms blast through central PA, with strong damaging winds and torrential flooding rains.

Detailed Description

Scene 1: High winds blow trees and a flag around as a line of severe thunderstorms blast through the town of Newville, PA.
Scene 2: Broken tree branches tumble across Route 233 in Newville, PA
Scene 3: Strong winds blow trees, as torrential rains fall
Scene 4: Time lapse sequence of an ominous shelf cloud moving over the mountains of Cumberland County, PA and approaching the camera. Torrential rains fall as the storms arrive, and then the sun comes out in the wake of the storms.
Scene 5: Torrential rains pour over a porch roof and high winds blow trees in the background.
Scenes 6 – 7: Trees blowing in the high winds.
Scene 8: Large rain drops fall off a porch roof, and onto a lawn of a home in Newville, PA.
Scene 9: Torrential rains create low visibility conditions, as trees sway in the high winds.
Scene 10: Torrential rains create rivers of water flowing down Route 233 in Newville, PA.
Scene 11: Traffic traveling on Route 233 in torrential rains.