Fireworks Farmer Ag Package for Fourth Of July

Ag feature for the Weather Channel on a farmer who sells fireworks as a side crop as well as raising corn and beans. Each year, Reed Martin moves his farm equipment to sell his fireworks from his machine shop. This is a family business run by his family. Reed compares his crops and how the weather affects them. He has done this since the 80's. His farm is along the interstate in rural NW Missouri. People come from four states to by his fireworks. He sells these for a month before the 4th of July, then he moves the farm equipment back to the barn.
Shot Description

shot 1 Reed Martin spelling
shot 2 Reed Martin Watson Missouri sound
shot 3 low shot Reed opens tractor shed door
shot 4 wide shot opening door
shot 5 front shot of tractor in shed
shot 6 rear of seed planter
shot 7 front low of tractor
shot 8 another shed of farm equipment
shot 9 sign on farm truck
shot 10 wide of shed
shot 11 inside of shed equipment
shot 12 outside of fireworks trailers
shot 13 Watson fireworks billboard
shot 14 same only low in cornfield
shot 15 wide of sheds
shot 16 wide shot with corn and signs
shot 17 low of corn and sun
shot 18 front of buildings with signs
shot 19 tight of sign
shot 20 front of building with tables of fireworks
shot 21 sign with grain bens
shot 22 tight of windmill
shot 23 inside wide shot of tables of fireworks
shot 24 daughter restocking fireworks
shot 25 wide of full tables
shot 26 low shot restocking
shot 27 old farm signs on wall
shot 28 old truck plate
shot 29 photos of parents on wall
shot 30 shelves of black cats
shot 31 inside wide of fireworks tables
shot 32 hanging old wagon
shot 33 wide of inside tables
shot 34 tight shot of packages of fireworks
shot 35 fountain cones
shot 36 wide shot above
shot 37 low of shells
shot 38 dads wall WW2 vet
shot 39 low shot of wagon wheel
shot 40 old stove and wheel with fireworks
shot 41 walk thru shelves
shot 42 inside of windmill
shot 43 spinning wheel nats
shot 44 more fireworks on table
shot 45 fountains
shot 46 wide of tables inside
shot 47 bottle rockets
shot 48 shirt
shot 49 tight of rockets
shot 50 rockets
shot 51 flag fireworks
shot 52 roman candles
shot 53 sky bacon fireworks
shot 54 wide inside building
shot 55 wide of tables
shot 56 outside long shot buildings
shot 57 wide shot across road
shot 58 wide shot sun shot
shot 59 interstate by firework stand
shot 60 wide shot of interstate
shot 61 old family wagon in front
shot 62 front of building with grain bens
shot 63 exit sign 116
shot 64 tight of American flag
shot 65 Watson sign
shot 66 front of main building
shot 67 wide shot across road with soybean field
shot 68 wide shot of family windmill