Hastings, NE Storms – 6/13/2017

Followed a storm in Southern Nebraska that produced heavy rain, intense lightning and tennis ball size hail. Local flooding in Hastings Ne. with cars driving thru the water.
Shot Description

shot 1 truck driving thru flooded street Hastings Ne.
shot 2 tight of car in water Hastings Ne.
shot 3 low gutter and car splash
shot 4 wide of flooded intersection
shot 5 tight of tight shot of cars in water
shot 6 hand full of tennis ball hail 4 miles west of Hastings Ne.
shot 7 Jagged hail in hand 4 west of Hastings
shot 8 bucket full of tennis ball hail 4 west of Hastings
shot 9 Low shot of cars under bank roof Hastings Ne.
shot 10 wide of storm Blue Hill Ne.
shot 11 sun on clouds Blue Hill ne
shot 12 Lightning from storm 10 south of Hastings Ne.
shot 13 hail landing on corn field
shot 14 hail on road 4 south of Hastings
shot 15 tight of Hail core 10 sough of Hastings Ne.
shot 16 wide of hail core with lightning same place.
shot 17 hail and good lightning and thunder 10 south of Hastings