Amazing Clouds & Storm Damage in Southern IL – 5/27/2017

Severe storms moved across southern Illinois all day on Saturday leading to numerous reports of wind damage and hail across the region. The weather also prompted the cancellation of the HerrinFesta concert, Old Dominion, who was slated to perform Saturday night in Herrin, Illinois.

The storms in Illinois were part of a large system that spawned severe weather across more than a dozen Midwest states and totaled up over 500 severe weather reports on Saturday alone.

Video shot in two parts, first of storms and amazing looking clouds from Metropolis, Illinois in Massac County in the extreme southern tip of the state. The second part is of storm damage shot in Jefferson County on the southwest side of Mt. Vernon.
Shot Description


Scene 1: Timelapse from dash camera as monster storm rolls in over Metropolis run at 25x.

Scene 2-5: Various shots of amazing shelf cloud looming over the skies over Metropolis.

Scene 6: High winds and rain at a gas station.

Scene 7: Dumpster lid flapping open and closed in the high winds and rain.

Scene 8: High winds and rain blowing by street light.

Scene 9: Pickup truck turning around in high winds and rain.

Scene 10: Oncoming white pickup truck driving in high winds and rain.


Scene 11: Large tree limb that came down on the awning of a home front porch.

Scene 12: Panning up limb from the ground to the damaged awning.

Scene 13: Static shot of limb on awning.

Scene 14: Large tree snapped and down across a driveway.

Scene 15: Large tree limb partially blocking the northbound lane of Highway 148 into Mt. Vernon as car drives by.

Scene 16: Large tree down next to Rt. 148 with tree debris in the road as car passes.

Scene 17: Wide shot of large tree snapped and laying next to the road.

Scene 18: Shot of two snapped pine trees in front yard of home.

Scene 19: Tighter shot of two snapped pine trees.

Scene 20: Tree limb laying in front yard of home.

Scene 21: Large tree down in a front yard of home.