Colorado Supercell & Blowing Dust – 5/26/2017

Chased a supercell across central Colorado. Video includes several rotating wall clouds, rain bands, lighting, gust fronts with dustnatos. Heavy rain occurred with these storms as they continue across Kansas.
Shot Description

shot 1 Gust front winds wide shot Cope CO
shot 2 tight shot gust winds Cope CO
shot 3 wide shot rotating wall cloud south of Yuma CO
shot 4 tight shot, rotating wall cloud #
shot 5 outflow wind blowing dirt Yuma CO
shot 6 Rotating wall cloud Joes CO
shot 7 outflow winds Idalia CO
shot 8 Wall cloud Idalia CO
shot 9 Meso with hail, south of Yuma
shot 10 wide shot of storm Lindon CO
shot 11 Lightning strike Lindon CO
shot 12 tight rain free lowering Cope CO
shot 13 Rain base wall cloud, south of Yuma CO
shot 14 tight rotating wall cloud south of Yuma
shot 15 outflow gust front Yuma area