Flooding in Rice Lake, WI – 5/21/2017

After the deadly tornado this past week. Barron County has seen periods of heavy rain. Heavy rain has caused flooding along the Red Cedar River. Many farm fields have standing water in them. The heavy rain is putting a damper on clean up efforts and planting efforts throughout the Barron County.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Show the Red Cedar river over it's banks.
Clip 2. Not very often is the water flowing this fast in the river.
Clip 3. Flooding waters flowing over rocks.
Clip 4. Another clip showing how fast the water is flowing.
Clip 5. Part of the park is flooded.
Clip 6. River over it's bank in a different part of the park.
Clip 7. Close shot of standing trees in the water.
Clip 8. A dock under water.
Clip 9. A closer shot of the same dock under water.
Clip 10. Picnic table in the water.
Clip 11. A different part of the Red Cedar river showing more flooding.
Clip 12. Rapid flowing water.
Clip 13. Water flowing around trees.
Clip 14. Water flowing by the dam.
Clip 15. Water flowing out of the dam.
Clip 16. Standing water in a farm field.
Clip 17. A different area along the Red Cedar river. Shows how high the water is to the bridge.