Heavy Street Flooding in Wichita, KS – 5/19/2017

An early round of severe storms moved into the Wichita, Kansas area before noon on Friday dumping torrential rains that lead to street flooding all over the city. Radar estimates that over 2 inches of rain fell is about 30 minutes times with the storm's passage late Friday morning.
Shot Description

Scenes 1-3: POV driving shots in heavy rain.

Scene 4: Vehicles navigating a flooding street during the storm.

Scene 5: Shots of cars driving away from camera in heavy rain.

Scene 6: Black truck driving through a heavily flooded neighborhood street.

Scene 7-8: Wide shots of black truck in a road that looks like a river.

Scene 9: Traffic driving through street flooding and a large truck turning through flood.

Scene 10: Shot of blue SUV driving through standing water during the storm.

Scene 11: Traffic driving through standing water.

Scene 12: White car turning through street flooding.

Scene 13: Black SUV turning through street flooding.

Scene 14: White pickup truck driving through standing water.

Scene 15: Long shot of traffic driving through standing water.

Scene 16: Two trucks driving through street flooding.

Scene 17: Shot of drainage ditch with rapidly flowing water.

Scene 18: Wide shot of flooded intersection.

Scene 19: Water pouring into a flooded neighborhood street.

Scene 20: Wide shot of flooded neighborhood street looking more like a river.

Scene 21: Wide shot of heavily flooded neighborhood street with water pouring in on both sides.

Scene 22: Angled shot of heavily flooded street looking like river with water flowing into it.