Large Hail in Rockford, IL – 5/15/2017

Video of a severe storm with large hail in Rockford, IL area on May 15, 2017. Reports of quarter to tennis ball size hail fell across the area with the hardest hit regions being Machesney and Loves Park, IL. Several reports of vehicle damage is being reported across the area.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Large hail falling at the BP Gas Station at Riverside BLVD and McFarland Rd with close up of hail. People trying to hide their cars from the hail.

Shot 2: Cars taking shelter under BP Gas Station over hang. Close up of large hail on the ground and a view of the cars again trying to take cover on the other side of the gas station.

Shot 3: Shot of large hail falling at Riverside BLVD and Perryville RD and in Rockford. Sound of large hail hitting the vehicle. Then pulling into the BP Gas Station.