Northeast, OK Severe Storms B-Roll – 5/11/2017

Severe storms broke out across central and eastern Oklahoma on Thursday spawning several tornadoes, some that were damaging, as well as large hail and high wind reports.

Video package in two parts, late afternoon in northwest suburbs of Tulsa, and early evening near Adair, Oklahoma (east of Tulsa)
Shot Description


Scene 1: Panning shot of dramatic shelf cloud looming over Keystone Lake northwest of Tulsa.

Scene 2: Shot of dramatic shelf cloud over Keystone Lake.

Scene 3: Shot of storm clouds over Keystone Lake.

Scene 4: Storm clouds moving over the highway near Keystone Lake.

Scene 5: Driving shot of wall cloud over the tree line.

Scene 6-7: Shots of dark wall cloud over building in northwest Tulsa.

Scene 8-9: Shot of white wall cloud very low in the sky in northwest Tulsa.

Scene 10: POV driving shot passing two cars parked under an overpass in northwest Tulsa.

PART 2 – ADAIR, OK (1:323:08)

Scene 11: Storm clouds over a tornado-warned storm crossing I-44 near Adair.

Scene 12: Scuddy lowering over I-44 near Adair.

Scene 13-15: POV driving shots in near blinding rain near Adair on US-69.

Scene 16: POV driving shot passed a police car with lights on waiting out the storm.

Scene 17-19: Shots at an Adair gas station of cars waiting out the high winds and rain.

Scene 20: White truck pulled over slowly gets started after storm starts weakening.

Scene 21: Semi truck driving through rain.