West TX Tornado, Structure and Floding – 5/9/2017

A long-lived supercell in west Texas northwest of Lubbock dropped a brief tornado south of Bula and had up to baseball sized hail with it. In addition, torrential rain lead to flash flooding in Sudan, and washed out FM Route 303 north of Sudan.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Driving shot of tornado south of Bula.

Scene 2: Large funnel dissipating south of Bula.

Scene 3: Ten-second timelapse at 15x of rotating storm.

Scenes 4-6: Large, ominous low clouds nearly on the ground south of Bula.

Scene 7: Large rotating wall cloud almost overhead south of Bula.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots escaping very large falling hail. Great NATs of hail smashing into vehicle over radio chatter.

Scene 10-12: Shots of cars driving through flooded intersection in Sudan.

Scene 13-15: Shots of washed out FM Route 303 north of Sudan with rapidly rushing water over a foot deep.