Chase Loses Windshield to Hail in Storm, Morton, TX – 5/9/2017

Footage of brief tornado and windshield breaking from powerful tornadic supercell produces huge menacing wall clouds and large destructive hail rages through West Texas.

All footage shot during evening daylight near Morton, TX by meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1. driving shot of brief tornado touchdown under large rotating wall cloud near Bula TX (north of Morton, TX)

2-4. shots of large rotating wall cloud from tornadic supercell thunderstorm north of Morton, TX

5. pushed-on shot of large damaging hail falling and bouncing near Morton, TX

6 & 7. POV shots of large hail smashing into and breaking windshield near Morton, TX

8. shot of broken windshield near Morton TX

9. SLOW MOTION shot of lightning bolt near large wall cloud Southwest of Morton, TX

10 & 11. large rotating wall cloud southwest of Morton, TX

12. large rotating wall cloud timelapse near Morton, TX

13 & 14. shots of developing wall cloud near Morton, TX

15 & 16. shots of large wall cloud southwest of Morton, TX