Chester, IL Major River Flooding – 5/2/2017

Major flooding is occurring along the Mississippi River from the St. Louis area south, where Chester, IL is expected to crest this weekend at 45-feet, four feet below the all-time record for this location. Waters have risen rapidly since torrential rain fell this passed weekend and Chester will enter major flood stage before daybreak Wednesday.

The forecasted crest of 45-feet has prompted the Missouri Department of Transportation to schedule the closure of the Chester Bridge starting at noon on Thursday as water levels will top the roads on the Missouri side that feed the bridge. The closure will remain in place through the weekend.

In the city of Chester, several roads near the river were closed as water rose over them, including Illinois Route 3, a major artery for southwest Illinois from the county line to the southeast of Chester to the city itself. Also the Menard Corrections Center has been cut off to vehicles as water has overtaken the road leading to the center.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Establishing shot of Chester City Limits sign with several feet of water over the road behind it.

Scene 2: Shot of road closed barricade at the Chester city limits with flooding behind it.

Scene 3: Shot of very high water flowing by several inundated signs along Water Street. Water almost to the bottom of the stop sign.

Scene 4: Tight shot of stop sign with a big part of a tree floating in the water beside it.

Scene 5: Shot of two road signs with piece of tree floating between them.

Scene 6: Speed limit (40mph) sign inundated by water.

Scene 7: Road closed barricade with river flooding behind it.

Scene 8: Wider shot of road closed barricade.

Scene 9: Road closed barricades to the entrance of Menard Corrections Center.

Scene 10: Shot of road and parking lot in flooded in front of Menard Corrections Center.

Scene 11: Shot of sand bags at the entrance to Menard Corrections Center.

Scene 12: Shot of sign pointing toward flooded parking lot with train rolling by in background.

Scene 13: Flooded intersection of Kaskaskia Road and Branch Road, enroute to the Corrections Center.

Scene 14: Another view of flooded intersection of Kaskaskia and Branch.

Scene 15: Barricades at the ramp to Truck Route 3 (Water Street).

Scene 16: Barricades at ramp to Truck Route 3 (Water Street).

Scene 17: Flooded underpass beneath train tracks.

Scene 18: Shot of flooded road and large piece of tree floating in Chester.

Scene 19: Tight shot of floating log in the middle of the road.

Scene 20: Family of three walking up to the flooded road.

Scene 21: Wide shot of flooded Water Street in Chester.

Scene 22: Wide shot of flooded Water Street in Chester.

Scene 23: Another view of flooded Water Street in Chester.

Scene 24: Boat floating by in one direction while a large pile of tree floats in the opposite direction in front of it on the river.

Scene 25: Tight shot of full Chester Bridge that will be closed at noon on Thursday.

Scene 26: Wide shot of full Chester Bridge that will be closed at noon on Thursday.