Marion, IL Neighborhood Extreme Flash Flooding – 4/29/2017

Major flash flooding continued on Saturday after over 7-inches of rain fell overnight into the morning. Many neighborhoods across the region experienced significant flooding, as was the case for this Marion neighborhood. Edgewood Park subdivision saw flooding that isolated several homes, with water creeping into many. As many as a dozen homes in this subdivision were affected when water several feet deep flooded into yards.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Wide shot of Edgewood Park street with several homes flooded out.

Scene 2-3: A family standing on their front porch, surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 4-5: Shots of a woman wading through knee-deep water on the street.

Scene 6-14: Various shots of the homes on the street surrounded by water, shots include water in garages and an open front door with water leaking into the home.

Scene 15: Shot looking into flooded backyard.

Scene 16: Shot of brown shed with water halfway up the door.

Scene 17: Flooded road with stalled green car as an SUV slowly drives by.

Scene 18: Flooded road with stalled green car as a pickup drives by.

Scene 19: Shot of stalled green car with another stalled car outside the water with a woman standing outside.

Scene 20: Shot looking down another neighborhood street that is completely covered.

Scene 21: Two cars parked in a flooded driveway.

Scene 22: Old Route 13 closed due to flooding over the road, barricades on road.

Scene 23: Shot of flooded road with water halfway up road signs.

Scene 24: Shot of a mailbox in foreground with flood waters behind it.