Southern, IL Predawn Flash Flooding – 4/29/2019

Torrential rains continued through the night across southern Illinois where some locations received up to half a foot of rain overnight. Flash flood warnings continued into the morning hours as many towns across southern Illinois saw flash flooding.

Video package shot in two towns between 4-6am, including West Frankfort and Carbondale. See shot list for descriptions of each.
Shot Description


Scene 1-2: Fire fighters wading through flood waters in front of a house.

Scene 3: Wide shot of flooded street with fire truck.

Scene 4: Two police cars close off Rt. 13 eastbound, the main drag through Carbondale, due to flooded conditions.

Scene 5: Shot of police truck with flooded Rt 13 behind it.

Scene 6: Police truck blocks car from proceeding on flooded road.

Scene 7: Two vehicles driving down flooded Rt. 13 before police arrived and closed it. Clip begins with bright flash of lightning and excellent NAT of loud crashing thunder.


Scene 8: City worker dropping barricade in front of flooded road.

Scene 9: Ground shot of barricade with flooded road in front.

Scene 10: Truck driving through deep flood waters.

Scene 11: Shot of a building with flood waters at the garage doors.

Scene 12: End loaded and pickup truck driving through flooded street.

Scene 13: Orange car turning through deep flood waters.

Scene 14: Car driving way from camera through deep flood waters.

Scene 15: Semi truck driving through standing water on Rt. 37 through West Frankfort.

Scene 16: White car drives through flood water, then box truck drives other way through flood water.

Scene 17: Black car drives through flood water.

Scene 18: Shot of flooded road with car wash behind it.

Scene 19: Flowing water through the street.

Scene 20: Wide shot of flooded lot with trucks parked in background.

Scene 21: SUV parked under gas station with emergency flashers on while it rains heavily.

Scene 22: High winds and rain pounding car lot.

Scene 23: Rain blowing against street light.

Scene 24: Wide shot of flooded street with rain and wind blowing.

Scene 25: Water pouring out of a drainage sewer.