Storms Caused Damage & Flooding in Harrisburg, IL – 4/16/2017

A line of intense storms that formed the day before across the southern Plains pushed across Missouri into parts of southern IL and western Kentucky, prompting numerous severe thunderstorm warnings as high winds and small hail marched across the region. The storms left behind some scattered reports of damage as well as flooded streets in their wake as over an inch of rain fell in less than 30 minutes in some of the heavier storms.

Video package shot in and around Harrisburg, Illinois in Saline County during the late afternoon hours as the line of storms intensified over the area and moved northeast toward Evansville, Indiana.
Shot Description

Scene 1-5: Various shots and zooms of ominous clouds on the leading edge of the storm, some showing minor rotation and scuddy motion.

Scene 6-7: POV driving shots as high winds and rain start to hammer the area.

Scene 8: POV driving shot in heavy rains following a car driving with emergency flashers.

Scene 9: POV driving shot passing a vehicle pulled off on the shoulder.

Scene 10: A black car slowly merging onto the highway after being stopped on the shoulder during height of the storm.

Scene 11: POV driving shot approaching intersection as heavy rain and winds continue.

Scene 12: Truck parked beneath an awning at a local building.

Scene 13: POV shot looking out windshield as rain and wind come down.

Scene 14: Shot of Harrisburg Police parked next to a down powerline that is stretched from a home into the road; knocked down due to broken limbs coming down on the line.

Scene 15: Panning shot from broken limbs along the down powerline, panning to police car blocking the intersection.

Scene 16: Panning shot from police car along powerline to broken limbs.

Scene 17: Wide shot of broken limbs and police car with powerline down int he road.

Scene 18: Tight shot of Harrisburg police car blocking intersection.

Scene 19-20: Large tree limb down next to road with passing traffic.

Scene 21: Shot of white SUV driving through street flooding.

Scene 22: Shot of minivan driving through street flooding.

Scene 23: Oncoming black car driving through street flooding.

Scene 24: Oncoming red car driving through street flooding.

Scene 25: Two cars driving through minor ponding on city street.

Scene 26: Nuisance damage of two trash cans blown down in a business parking lot.

Scene 27: Panning shot from one tipped trash can to a second can knocked into a parked car.