Glendon, IA Hail Core and Storm Structure – 4/15/2017

A severe thunderstorm in western Iowa dropped hail and high winds throughout the afternoon of 4/15/2017. The hail core was clearly visible as well as storm structure.
Shot Description
Shot 1-3: Hail core visible out of high based thunderstorm
Shot 4: Driving shot of hail core
Shot 5: Driving shot of rotating wall cloud
Shot 6: Funnel cloud attempts to form under wall cloud
Shot 7-8: Ominous shelf cloud pulls in scud
Shot 9: Thunderstorm updrafts at sunset
Shot 10: Flag blows in high winds with lightning in the background
Shot 11: Small hail falls in the town of Stuart, Iowa
Shot 12: Vehicles take cover from hail under gas station awning