Jones Beach, LI Warm Wx Beach Goers 4k – 04/10/2017

Unseasonably warm weather brings sunbathers and beach goers alike out to Jones Beach, for some time out to enjoy the warmest temperatures of the year so far.
Shot Description

Shot 1: The warm sun shines bright over Jones Beach, as people stroll along the boardwalk.
Shot 2: Two girls work on their tans, as they sit on the sand along the shoreline.
Shots 3-4: Children out enjoying the warm weather play ball on the sand.
Shot 5: 3 teenage girls out enjoying the warm weather, dance along the seashore on Jones Beach.
Shot 6: Children play with their shovels in the sand on Jones Beach.
Shot 7: A couple out enjoying the warm weather, take a stroll along the boardwalk on Jones Beach.
Shot 8: A group of young people stroll along the shoreline, and take pictures.
Shot 9: Children play in the sand, as their mother lies beside them.
Shot 10: Two kids ride their scooters on the boardwalk on Jones Beach.
Shots 11-12: Women relaxing on beach chairs, and sunbathing on Jones Beach.
Shots 13-14: Various shots of people out and about on the boardwalk on Jones Beach.
Shot 15: People strolling past the Jones Beach sign on the boardwalk.