Enfield, IL Severe Storm Damage – 4/5/2017

Severe storms moved across southern Illinois as part of a larger outbreak that extended from the Midwest down to the Gulf Coast. A couple tornadoes were reported across southern Illinois as storms formed early afternoon and moved northeast leaving damage to several towns, including Enfield, Illinois in White County, about 40 miles west of Evansville, IL.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving as White County ambulance flies past.

Scene 2: Panning shot of a large tree down on a house.

Scene 3: Wide shot of the house with the tree crashed down on it.

Scene 4: Close shot of a guy on the roof with a chainsaw sawing parts of the tree from the roof.

Scene 5: Guy tossing limbs off the roof of the house.

Scene 6: Tight shot of guy on roof tossing limbs off roof.

Scene 7: Power crews backing out of view with guy on the roof.

Scene 8: Large tree limb leaning on power lines.

Scene 9: Panning shot of numerous large trees uprooted or snapped off in the city park.

Scene 10: Large trees uprooted in a city park.

Scene 11: Panning shot between several down trees.

Scene 12: Uprooted tree in the park, panning along the down tree.

Scene 13: Shot of snapped tree in foreground with large uprooted tree in the background.

Scene 14: Two down trees in the city park.

Scene 15: Down pine tree.

Scene 16: Snapped tree limb.

Scene 17: Shot of storm cloud over Enfield.

Scene 18: Shot of storm core as it passed over Enfield.

Scene 19-20: POV driving shots as heavy rains fall.

Scene 21-22: Traffic on Highway 14 driving in heavy rains.

Scene 23-25: Shots of Ameren power crews working late into the evening, restoring power to part of the town when lines went down during the storm.