Severe Storms Hit Carbondale, IL – 4/3/2017

Severe storms blew through southern IL as part of a massive system that spawned severe weather across the south and made a reach into the Midwest with severe weather across southern Illinois. Storms blew through with severe winds and small hail, leading to street flooding after these storms dropped 3/4-inch of rain in less than 15 minutes.

Carbondale is located in Jackson County, IL located about two hours south of St. Louis.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Long shot of a silver SUV in rain as brunt of storm moves in and nearly makes the SUV disappear in the heavy rains and winds as they blew in. Cool shot.

Scene 2: POV shot out windshield as blue van drives away in blinding rain.

Scene 3: Long shot with two zooms of rain and hail hitting the street as water starts collecting.

Scene 4: Small hail falling in the grass.

Scene 5: Hail falling on the ground.

Scene 6: POV driving shot in high winds and heavy rain.

Scene 7: Longer POV shot driving in heavy rain and high winds.

Scene 8: POV driving shot as rain starts falling heavy.

Scene 9: Zoomed POV driving shot of vehicles in very heavy rain and high winds.

Scene 10: Traffic driving through some street flooding after the storm.

Scene 11: Traffic driving away from camera in street flooding.

Scene 12: Standing water on the road as cars stop.

Scene 13-14: Wide shot of storm clouds, brightly white and building.

Scene 15-17: Various shots of dark clouds as storm approaches.