SOT from Mother-in-Law of Tornado Fatalities – 4/2/2017

An EF-1 tornado struck the 1100 block of Zin Zin Road in Breaux Bridge, LA around 9:20am according to residents. Some family members taking shelter in a mobile home lost their lives because of the tornado. 38 year-old Francine Gotch and, 3 year-old Nevaeh were lost in the storm. Other family members were able to run to a near-by house for shelter and survived the storm.
Shot Description

START: SOT with Marcelle Alexander, Mother in Law of Francine Gotch

SOT continues, damage runs over SOT midway.

Shot 1- Wide shot of mobile home
Shot 2- Medium shot of mobile home
Shot 3- Close-up of child's books
Shot 4- Medium shot of back side of mobile home
Shot 5- Close-up of belongings
Shot 6- Wide shot of debris and mobile home
Shot 7- Medium shot of mobile home and shed