Stamford, TX Large Violent Tornadoes – 3/28/2017

Footage of a close encounter with a photogenic cone tornado near Stamford, TX and a larger multivortex tornado near Anson, TX. Baseball sized hail in Seymour, TX.

All footage shot during afternoon/evening daylight on March 28, 2017 near Stamford, Anson, and Seymour, TX by Meteorologists Juston Drake and Simon Brewer
Shot Description

Shot List:

1-11. Various shots of a cone tornado near Stamford, Texas

12. POV shot of weak tornado moving over car near Stamford, TX

13. shot looking directly UP into tornado funnel cloud near Stamford, TX

14 & 15. shots of large tennis and baseball sized hail in Seymour, TX from tornadic supercell thunderstorm

16-19. various shots of large multivortex tornado and rotating wall cloud near Anson, TX