Car Crashes Into A House In Saint Cloud, MN – 3/29/2017

Well Youtubers, here is a video that we literally walked out of the house to film today.  

Saint Cloud Police, Fire and Gold Cross were called to the scene of a two vehicle car accident between 24th and 25th Avenue and West Saint Germain.  Witnesses at the scene said the Cadillac STS was traveling east bound by Tenvorde Ford and Oreilly Auto Parts when it ran a stop sign on 25th and Saint Germain and crashed into a Pontiac.  The Cadillac continued traveling eastbound on Saint Germain until it smashed through a wooden storage shed and then into the home at 157 24th Avenue South.

The driver of the Cadillac that crashed into the home was taken to Saint Cloud Hospital and the other driver status is unknown at this time.  Of course, the accident is still under investigation at this time.