Sirens and Storms in Garvin County, OK – 3/26/2017

During the mid to late afternoon hours of Sunday March 26 a series of strong thunderstorms developed east of Duncan Oklahoma and moved east over the city of Paul's Valley and the I-35 corridor. Busy weekend travel was interrupted by the severe weather which many severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings were issued for throughout the day.
Shot Description

Shot 1- Tornado Siren in Byars, Ok
Shot 2- tight shot of siren
Shot 3- Resident watching storm near siren
Shot 4- Rotating wall cloud crossing I-35
Shot 5- Close-up of wall cloud
Shot 6- Wide shot of storm with livestock in foreground
Shot 7- Hail fog
Shot 8- Tight shot of hail
Shot 9- Roadway with hail fog
Shot 10- Hail low shot
Shot 11- Lightning bolt (day) over I-35
Shot 12- Backlit shot of clouds
Shot 13- Night shot of lightning