Saint Cloud, MN Hail Storm – 3/23/2017

A very unexpected thunderstorm that produced a lot of pea sized, half inch and even 3/4" hail in Saint Cloud, MN. At the worst of the storm, there was hail was covering the ground as if it was snow as the storms raced off at over 70 miles per hour to the east before falling apart. At the time of posting this video, hail is still covering the ground in areas several hours after the storm as if it was snow due to the near frozen or frozen ground temps.
Shot Description

Clip 1 Dash Camera of a CG Lightning strike

Clip 2 POV Driving on Highway 23 as the hail storm hits the heart of Saint Cloud.

Clip 3 Roof mounted camera of the hail falling and covering the ground.

Clip 4 Dash camera showing a new car & truck dealership getting hit by the hail storm.

Clip 5 Tight shot of hail falling on a brand new truck.

Clip 6 & 7 Hail falling in our back yard.

Clip 8 Hail falling on traffic on highway 23.

Clip 9 Traffic on highway 23 with hail covering the ground as the storms raced off at over 70 miles per hours.

Clip 10 Hail next to coins over an hour after the storm showing it was still dime sized.

Clip 11 Hail piled up next to a golf ball.

Clip 12 Tight shot of hail covering a roof and shingles.

Clip 13 Hail piled up on our boat cover.

Clip 14 Hail covering our roof valley on the south side of the house.

Clip 15 Very tight shot of hail covering the shingles on our roof.

Clip 16 tight shot of hail covering the roof an hour after the storm the hail has not melted.

Clip 17 Very tight shot of the hail on the roof.

Clip 18 – 19 Hail piled out next to a pole barn and some hail still falling off the roof.